Workshops are special learning events for everyone!

We have given successful workshops to students and teachers in colleges, public & private K-12 schools, life-long learning programs, art centers and museums (they are also appropriate for students with learning disabilities). Everyone learns a lot! Students ofen vote this experience the best event of the school year.

A triple exposure of the ever popular soft drink machine; courtesy of Nick Kauchak,
Eagle Hill School


Mix and match from the following topics for an integrated, hands-on arts & science learning experience:

The camera obscura:
turn a room into a giant camera and get inside to study light, optics and image formation. This is a fascinating project that also gives a good historical perspective on the development of the visual arts.

Pinhole photography:
using pinhole cameras to make negatives and then making positive images is a perfect blend of art and science. Although the darkoom process is shown, you don't actually need a darkroom facility for a workshop. We will show you how to develop black & white pictures in room light or outdoors on location! Alternative processes can also be demonstrated.

Computer applications:
expand your creativity with scanning, imaging software techniques, and digital printing. There is nothing like the combination of the age old pinhole camera and 21st century imaging technology to pique your students' interest.

You don't need a darkroom to have a workshop! This image was made with Polaroid
instant film and contact printed in sunlight using cyanotype paper;
courtesy of Jim Kosinski

Workshops often provide useful pinhole photos for the schools in which they are held;
courtesy of Jim Kosinski

At this time workshop activity is suspended due to family needs, but if you have any questions on holding excellent workshop events feel free to contact Jim Kosinski by email:

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